Frank Conn

February 1, 2010

I grew up in Brooklyn, but moved to Los Angeles to make it in show business. I was an actor, writer and acting teacher. I got in the rug business when acting got slow, and I started working at swap meets. I was not interested in being a starving actor. I was just trying to make a little money to get me through the month but when I saw what this guy was making selling rugs, I decided I would give this a shot on my own. I kept at it all the time I was still acting. Then I met a great mentor, Sol, who taught me all about seat covers. I began selling sheepskin seat covers on street corners and bought two homes in Santa Monica. I decided this was just in my blood. My great grandparents were fruit peddlers back in Russia and before that I had relatives doing this when Moses went up to get the Ten Commandments and found the Burning Bush. So after 20 years in the entertainment business I started selling high end area rugs to the Hollywood Trade, including movies produced by Mel Brooks, Kevin Costner’s “Dancing with Wolves”, Michael Mann’s “Heat”, Cher’s Malibu home, Raquel Welch, Robert Blake, Snoop Dog, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and many more local celebrities.

My Interests

  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Play guitar and sing in a band

My Favorite Movies

  • Godfather
  • Titanic

My Favorite Music

  • Blues
  • Rock & Roll
  • Country

My Favorite Books

  • Historical Books